Recently i have been witnessing far too many patients suffering from some or the other symptoms which are related to autoimmunity!

Autoimmunity is due to disordered immune system and its inability to fight with pathogens which in turn damage the gut endothelial lining , leading to leaky gut.

Once the gut lining is damaged there is outflow of food particles, bacterias and viruses in the blood stream, which are identified as foreign by the immune system and antibodies are formed, these antibodies lead to an immune reaction against body’s own organs.

This can attack the organs such as:
Ketika wanita mengalami siklus haid seringkali diikuti dengan keluhan yang sedikit merepotkan, misalnya kepala pusing, tingkat emosional meningkat, perut sakit, tumbuh jerawat dan sebagainya. Tetapi pada kenyataannya tidak ada yang lebih merepotkan daripada ketika mengalami haid yang tidak teratur. Masa siklus haid paling baik adalah 28 hari dimana haid akan kembali datang. Kalau melewati masa itu yaitu 32 hari masih termasuk kategori normal. Tetapi jika sudah melewati 32 hari maka haid bisa dibilang tidak teratur.
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