Cedar Tubs, one of the finest quality wooden hot tubs supplier under the control of Northern Lights serving customers with almost all kinds of heating options available in the industry, brings two distinct styles of red cedar wood Ofuro tubs for a typical Japanese bathing ritual experience. While coming in both oval and round shape, these Ofuro tubs have an ideal depth required for a full body immersion and enjoying the visuals around. Be it is a garden, deck or any indoor/outdoor area, you can be sure of getting a true Japanese bathing ritual experience with various kinds of heating options come fitting with Cedar Tubs? wooden Ofuro tubs.The core aspect of this bath ritual after water is apparently the tub. The Japanese style Ofuro tub differs slightly from its western varieties. It is smaller in size, but deeper in height. Contact us at 800 759 8990.


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    Northern Lights run Cedar Tubs is an international supplier with a vast collection of first class wood fired, traditional wooden Ofuro hot tubs and hydrotherapy tubs in stock. It makes and delivers the traditional Japanese hot tubs...

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