You could need help to comprehend its highly specialized functions before using them Microsoft customer support. Besides, you might come across technical problems with it. Issues encountered while using Internet Explorer When you use it to browse over the Internet, you might encounter certain issues. With all these problems you could face while windows on the Microsoft support, you are recommended to opt for Microsoft customer support.


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    If your specific issue is not there on the listed queries, you will be guided to another page where you get to interact live with a technically expert person. 24/7 chat services are also provided, wherein people from around the globe, who have different time zones can call up Microsoft live support number to get their issues resolved. There would a number of questions and fill-in boxes that you would have to fill, so that the technical help person online could get the exact detail of your location, application and issue. These services are mainly for the actual customers who have purchased the original Microsoft applications. Once you make an ID and log in, you can choose your exact query from the ones listed on the problem resolution center page. Normally they have a list of general queries and problems that users encounter. If your problem is listed, go ahead and click on the link and you will be taken to an appropriate page and given the right guidance.

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