I am a Gainesville, Florida based professional outdoor photographer.

I acquired my first camera while in the Air Force in the late 70s and spent most of my weekends backpacking in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona. It was during this time I discovered my passion for photography.

After completing Air Force pilot training in the early 80’s, my career obligations and family demands caused my photography activities to diminish. Yet, my passion never quit.

I left the Air Force in the late 80’s to become an airline pilot. Though I’m still a Captain for United Airlines, I now have the extra time to reignite my passion for photography.

Fast forward to a few years ago when my wife and I started GBW Photography, LLC. You can read about it here: http://blog.gbwphotography.com/about-gbw/

We initially concentrated on outdoor photography, http://www.gbwphotography.com but now we are moving into outdoor family photography in the Gainesville, Florida area. It seems like a natural progression!

Although there is a place for indoor studio photographs, I’ve found the pictures I treasure most are the ones taken spontaneously outdoors.


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